To help people choose a job knowing all the hidden quirks and perks - good or bad

There are many myths, many unknowns and many negatives about jobs.
Young people think that some jobs are great (because of media or...) and they invest all their life, only to discover they dont like that job after a decade or more of study.
Conversely, there are many jobs which are not so well thought but which do actually have a lot of positives.

To help people change their existing job

Do you want to maybe change your job?
You can search for jobs by the skills you already have.
Or you can search jobs by your desired activity on the job.


This idea started while discussing with my kids about what they might want to do when they will grow.

-What do you want to become? -I want to become a tanker. -Well, do you know that you will have to spend a lot of your time loading shells? They are kinda heavy... -Ah..
What do you like to do?
What are your best assets and skills?
What are your job goals? Money, friends, life style?

To my surprise they took the discussion pretty serious and wanted to know more about jobs, so much that I had to start an xcel file with all kind of jobs and activities on the jobs to satisfy their curiosity.

And then it struck me - but actually very few people knows this details - I didnt knew them either.
So this is how this website become a project.